[BETA] Echo Speaks V4

Why does my installed [BETA] Echo Speaks V4 show "Code Updates Available" and Hubitat Package Manager shows " No Updates Available" ?

FYI this is a thread for the BETA version which is long gone.
Issue could be from this bug which was discussed in the release thread and does not appear to have been fixed yet.


Tony pushed the fixes to the main release. You might want to delete HPM, then re-create the app and re-match (uses echo-speaks and NOT beta).

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I think that did the trick!

I am generally new to Hubitat environment. I have few water sensors added, and few lights that are automated using Hubitat so far.

I am now planning to add Amazon Alexa for notifications on various events.

I have installed Echo Speaks app and now starting to setup. But when I click Deploy the Server -> Begin Server Setup, I am getting this below error:

{"error":true,"type":"java.lang.Exception","message":"An unexpected error occurred."}

Any suggestions on what may be wrong? Not an expert here. Any help on this is appreciated.

Not an expert in iot here...

This is the BETA thread. Echo Speaks 4 has been released, the thread is now continued here:

The Heroku server deployment issue was just fixed. See this recent post in the ES 4 thread.

We were all in that boat, once. Some of us still are. :grinning:


Would I see any kind of benefit to running a local server vs Heroku?

Is this anything I need to be worried about?

It's a timeout error. Normally not anything critical just saying that the response for the server was delayed past the expected wait threshold; i.e. the server is there, but didn't acknowledge quick enough

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Im at ''
Is there a way for the things spoken to go into the main log ...so i have 1 stop shopping for what was said ? Also anyone understand these errors

Hmmm.. i do see the speaking in the main logs on my hub ...was there something I had to do to enable that? Cause not sure thats happening on my dads

this error suggests your echo speaks server is down/unreachable.

Please check if it is up.

Hello all, I am trying to sync Hubitat's mode (home/away) with Alexa's guard home/away. I set it up in the ES app than created a virtual switch in Hubitat and shared it to Alexa. This switch gets turned on when I tell Alexa to guard, and off when I say home. This virtual switch than is automated to adjust my mode in hubitat to match. This all works, but after a minute or 2 Alexa keeps going back to home mode, which does trigger that virtual switch and Hubitat's mode to home as well. There is a little lag for everything to sync up.

Why's does it keep reverting back to home? Thoughts? Any better ways to do this? I want to be able to set to away and home from either Alexa or Hubitat.

The echo speak runs on the hub so its not that... is it the heroku server or some amazon server
how do I check that the echo speak server is up...is there a command I can do?
thanks for the help...

Yes. You need to login and see if the server instance you setup is running.

I have a Fire HD 10, version 7 (2018). When this piston runs, I get the weather in the portrait orientation and not in the landscape orientation. I have the display set to "Stay in current orientation." I want the weather to be in the landscape orientation. If I say "Alexa, show me the weather" it is displayed correctly in the landscape orientation.



I recently added two new Alexa devices. They were recognized and added to Hubitat without a problem. They work to control everything.

The only issue I've noticed so far is they are not making announcements.

When I go into the "Echo Speaks" app, I click on "managed devices" and I can see all my Alexa Devices. I've attached a screenshot of the new "Kitchen Show" that isn't working, and the "Master Bedroom Dot" which is working. I have another dot that is NOT working, but these were next to each other and made for an easy screenshot to compare them.

When I click on the arrow to manage this device, nothing happens. I've tried to look through the settings on the DEVICE page of the Echo but don't see anything there.

The little icon for all my devices populates correctly, except for the Show and the new Dot, which are represented by question marks (as seen in the attached image).

Something is not done correctly... any ideas?


Hi I have not been able to get my Echo Dot 4th gen to respond to Echo Speaks at all. Do I need to delete my device and start over?

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Hi @tonesto7,

I've read in some places that I could identify which Echo device was used to send a command to HE using some of the device's properties, like "lastSpokenToTime" or "wasLastSpokenToDevice".

However, those properties aren't being updated at all - nor are some other "activity" properties like "lastSpeakCmd", "lastVoiceActivity" and "phraseSpoken". Sending the "getDeviceActivity" command doesn't affect them at all, even after waiting a long time.

I've reinstalled the Echo Speaks app but I haven't recreated the devices yet, since it would break some rules - I'd like to wait for any input from you before doing so.

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 09.17.00

Thanks in advance !

Believe the last spoken to is one of the pieces that broke when Amazon made changes to the webhook.


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