Best Zigbee or Zwave color bulbs?

Any recommendations on color bulbs with standard A19 base?
Priorities are as listed, but I could be convinced to revise the priorities...

  1. Connects to Hubitat, and automatically reconnects when power is restored after an outage
  2. Lowest cost (I know some here have used Alibaba - this might be the item I try this on)
  3. Want to buy only one to start, so available in a single pack.
  4. All the above being equal, high CRI is appreciated

I have a single Sylvania Zigbee color bulb, and after some initial issues (which I think may have been related to my zigbee network settling down) it has worked flawlessly on Hubitat with the awesome Holiday Lighting app so generously developed and supported by @mbishop. I'd be happy to simply buy another Sylvania, but the price has almost doubled since I bought it, so I thought I would check with the HE brain trust!

I have had good luck with LIFX bulbs. They are Wifi but there is an excellent HE built-in app for integration. The integration runs seamlessly with no delay.

@Sakman Will the LIFX automatically reconnect on their own if the power and/or internet go out?
Do you have to use a LIFX app, or are they local through your own wifi?

As far as I know, they will reconnect after power and/or internet failure. I have had 2 bulbs for over 6 months now and I have never had them drop off and I know we have had power failures since then.

You do have to use the LIFX app, which was not a problem. Then you run the built-in HE app LIFX integration which is also painless.

I got them because they were recommended by @bcopeland as his favorite bulbs....My Favorite Devices (Updated)

The LIFX color A19 are $32 now on Amazon.

I've played around a lot with RGB Bulbs. I agree that LIFX are arguably the best. I have a few of them. But they are really expensive. I've been satisfied with TP-Link Kasa bulbs that are 1/3 the cost. They are also WiFi but also have a native HE integration available. Very fast performance and "reconnecting" is not really an issue at all. Worth checking out. There are 800 lumen and 1000 lumen bulbs I believe.

They are obviously not cheap, but Philips Hue bulbs with Bluetooth can be directly connected to Hubitat. If you use [RELEASE] Philips Hue Zigbee Driver (not using Hue Bridge) as the driver, they come close to your wishlist.

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May not be the absolute best, but I've got some Inovelli RGBW Z-wave+ bulbs that work well, and I like the fact that they're natively supported in Hubitat.

LIFX, 200% local and native to hubitat

All the LIFX I can find are wifi. Do they have Zigbee or Zwave? If not, how are they native to Hubitat? What happens to yours, @rlithgow1 , when the power goes out? Also per above, would I need to also use the LIFX app?

The bulb I want to replace is wifi, and the reason I want to replace it is that every single time the power goes out for even just a split second (which lately happens every 2 or 3 days), the router loses power and the bulb disconnects and needs to be manually reconnected. I'm tired of it and it is a particular issue if I'm out of town. My Zigbee bulb just happily hums along and reconnects itself...

Anyone have experience with the Sengled & Hubitat?

Lifx is Wifi but incredibly solid. They use last status when power comes back on. They are 100% native to hubitat (go to apps>>add built in>>Lifx Integration.

I've never had a problem with these coming back online when power goes out. (Make sure you use DHCP reservations) They have superior color and brightness to most other bulbs. Bryan Copeland one of the main dev's at Hubitat replace every bulb in his house with Lifx and has been very happy... (60+ bulbs)

As to the sengled, I like others had issues with dropping off, but others have been solid.

It's misunderstanding that ONLY Zigbee and Z-Wave are "Native" to Hubitat. There are a number of other official integrations that use other protocols. Lifx and Kasa are two of them.