Best WiFi extender

I am using 2 WiFi hot spots for Internet connectivity.
One is dedicated to entertainment.
One is repeated thru a DLink DAP-1650 repeater.
The DLink has 4 ethernet ports,
On one I have an 8 port unmanaged switch attached.
This has the HE's attached.
Hue hub directly to the DLink.
Works solid. Rarely a problem, and thankfully, while minimally featured, the DLink seems to assign an IP's and stick with it!
Next week, I get internet hooked up to the main house.
covid isolation, life, and circumstances have me living in the back yard.
The expected location for the new ATT WiFi box is 1 concrete block wall, 2 interior wood and drywall walls away. I can see the existing access point, but it is a very weak signal.

Hoping for advice on purchasing the fastest, longest range and down right meanest solution for extending the new ATT WiFi out 200+ feet.
Existing system in the house is an ATT Uverse setup, had internet years ago, ATT has determined that they have to upgrade the modem.
Anyone have any experience with this box?
Is it possible, when ATT is done, to just put it on the end of a long network cable?
(closer to me!)
Any help would be appreciated.

So out of curiosity, they couldn't put it where the old one was?
People have great luck with mesh. I use google wifi and have great luck with it. But I'm not into controlling networking, so I shoot for easy. What's nice is you can add pods as you need. I have 3. I can get great signal at my neighbor's house with those. They're elderly and I've set them up with a tablet to do video chat during this time. works really well.

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I believe that they will put the new one where the old one is.
What you describe may work for me, I am looking for new ideas, as opposed to my antiquated view of bouncing connectivity around.
Dependability and it ending at the switch for 5 HE's and a Hue Hub.
Hoping to drop $/bite for unlimited 10MBPS!
(Byte/Bite, you get it :wink: )

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Where I am, I have the benefit of fiber. 240 up 240 down. Downfall is that they reboot it nightly at midnight, which has only been an inconvenience once in the almost 3 years we've had it. I forget that connectivity shouldn't be taken for granted.

Highly recommend a mesh Solution instead of adding repeaters etc.

The mesh will give you a better experience and easier to work with as you just put everything on one ssid.

My network is behind a pfsense firewall where I do all the complicated stuff and I have an eero setup just to handle my wifi.

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agree with @gavincampbell

Mesh is much better than repeaters Ideally your access points should be connected with cat 5/cat 6 ethernet cables short of that look into wifi6 mesh systems its unlikely you have any devices that can take advantage of the new wifi6 channel but that means it can be used as the back haul between the switches without competing for bandwidth

I personally believe repeaters are evil they tend to half your bandwidth see this as a start

For what its worth I am looking into this system

+1 for a WiFi mesh. I don’t have one personally, but WiFi mesh systems have a radio dedicated to transmitting between base stations in addition to the radio that communicates with client devices.

Wifi repeaters often don't, meaning they essentially cut your WiFi throughout in half while they either send/receive packets to the main WiFi access point, or to client devices, but never at the same time.

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I think you mean category 5e. Category 5 is older and maxes out at 100 Mbps.

yep I did put honestly if your going to make a long run I'd go with cat 6

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Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh system here. It's not cheap but fantastic. I got mine on Facebook Marketplace after market. All devices have 4 radios - a 5g and 2.4g for both regular and guest.

Some interesting information to digest here!

Pretty happy with my Orbi mesh system.