Best Way to Transition from ST?

I just received by HE hub. If HE fairs no better than ST, or even worse, and I end up going back to ST, I REALLY don’t want to have to set everything back up on ST. What’s the best way to transition to HE from ST and preserve as much as possible the option to revert back to ST with minimal work?

The primary driver of my move to HE is sluggish control of my 60 zwave switches. I know I could use an app to link SmartThings to Hubitat, but keeping the zwave switches under the control of SmartThings wouldn’t fix the problem I’m guessing right? And moving them over to HE would require me to exclude them from ST, and therefore necessitate complete re-setup of them if I were to revert back to ST, right? See my dilemma? Any way around it?

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That is correct and no there isn't a way around it. Sorry.


When I moved from smartthings, I linked the hubs. It seems unsavory, but it allows you to work at your own pace and keep your rules in tact when transitioning to HE. I feel like it's the best solution. There really isn't an option to just go back. but I would link the hubs and move a few things and see how they fare out. If you do that, then you can make a decision before you leap. I feel like you'll like it if you give it a chance. I would suggest leaving your cloud solutions on smartthings. Lots of people use multiple hubs to keep their problem devices under control. So both could be used in harmony. Just remember to start out your HE on a different channel or they'll bump. IMHO

Welcome to the community by the way.

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I don't know of a way to preserve the setup in ST.. But you will be happy when you finish.. If not the community is very helpful here..

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Thanks. Does HE not handle the cloud just as well as ST? I see a channel option for Zigbee but not ZWave - is that what you referred to?

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It depends on which cloud integrations you're using. If you list them, the community members will let you know what your options are for each.

For me, I am 100% on Hubitat with zero dependency on SmartThings.


Logitech Harmony
Google home
WebCoRE with webhooks


Ecobee - Built-in to Hubitat and works fine. I use this myself
Sonos - Built-in to Hubitat and works fine. I use this myself
Alexa - Built-in to Hubitat and works fine. I use this myself (no thermostat support, but you've got ecobee to not a problem)
Google Home - Built-in to Hubitat and works fine. I prefer Alexa, but I have used GH successfully.
IFTTT - Built-in to Hubitat and works fine. I use this myself

Logitech Harmony - I wrote an integration for this and it is all local - no support for smart device buttons on the remote, though.

MyQ - Community integration - I have not used it.

webCoRE - community ported, however it can be resource intensive. Advice is to use Rule Machine instaed, along with all of the other built in Hubitat Apps.

Wemo - ???

Integration Status
Logitech Harmony Yes
Ecobee Yes
Wemo I don't know the answer to this one
Sonos Yes
Alexa Yes
Google home Yes
MyQ Yes
WebCoRE with webhooks I think.. But there is a better solution

Wemo (Belkin) is using Apple HomeKit, so there is a way for local control with HE. It requires Homebridge.

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I keep ST active for one thing - turning Arlo cameras on and off. This is done in Hubitat through Hub Connect, so the hub is even powered off. And if Arlo doesn't get their act together concerning 2-factor authorization and Flash, I'll be dumping Arlo soon anyway.

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I found a simpler way to integrate Wemo directly, without Homebridge:

Now if I could just figure out how to get Lifx up and running, with a way to trigger a Lifx scene for my Z Strip Lighting, I'd be set. So far, I'm seeing MUCH faster response for lighting scenes than in ST. So I believe this will be what I stick with.

Definitely look at HubConnect... which can help you link hubs as @april.brandt mentioned. It's also good if you ever decide to go with a multi HE hub configuration.