Best way to transfer Echo Speaks to second hub?

I have two hubs. One for main automations and one for LAN/Cloud integrations (mostly). I have had Echo Speaks set up basically since day one (long before I had a second hub). I would LIKE to move it to my second hub but I'm not totally sure of the best way to do that other than doing a totally new install. Is that what I am stuck with?

BTW I decided it was best to make a new topic for this because I think this situation is not unique to ES.

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Would the export feature work? I am not sure if that takes child apps/devices with it?
Click the gear icon next to the app, then the Export button.
Probably would want to make sure all the code is already installed on the destination hub.
Then you go to Settings > Restore Apps to import the file.

I unistalled and reinstalled on the other hub, but left the cookie server in place and updated it with the new callback URL.

I guess then I will have to go through one by one and replace devices manually since swap device doesn't work with child devices. Bummer.

Do you think it will make problems if I just leave the original installed and then go through and select easier in the drop downs to switch devices? Then when it's all switched I uninstall.

Don't think you can install a second live instance.

Even on a seperate hub? Obviously I'd have to switch cookies to the new one. The original would just a place holder of sorts.

Might work, won't know until you try.., :sunglasses:

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I have 3 instances of Echo Speaks on the same hub for 3 different Amazon accounts. I did modify the app to allow me to change the name.

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