Best way to switch LIFX drivers?

I’m a bit late switching from the old user LIFX app to the built in integration as I haven’t updated my hub for 2 years (if it ain’t broke…). Now I have, and want to switch. They are all running on dedicated IPs, and each are a part of multiple scenes and rules I don’t want to remake. What is the most efficient way to switch? Can I just change the driver type from the user to the built in, or do I have to set them up from scratch? Any headaches I should be aware of? I’m hoping I don’t have to go from scratch, as I’ve already noticed that the “Swap apps device” does not display any of my LIFX bulbs, which will make it a headache to update a bunch of scenes and rules if I need to start over. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction if there is a relevant old thread.

I believe the Swap App doesn't work because the LIFX app uses a parent/child structure.

I don't use the LIFX stuff, but here is a free bump hoping someone else sees this.

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You cannot just change the driver. You'll need to set the bulbs up in the Hubitat integration, then swap the old device out with the new in all apps,, yes, the "manual" thing you were trying to avoid. :slight_smile: But you don't need to completely re-make the rules, etc.--just an edit should do.

Swap Apps Device will indeed not work becsuse the are both child devices or their respective apps.

You might be able to have both integrations installed at the same time, so you can make this conversion at your own pace. I mean, you can definitely have both integrations installed at the same time. What I can't recall is whether they use the same format for the device network ID for the lights and whatnot, which would cause a problem if you try to add the dame device using both (if you're lucky, they won't).

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FYI - the new integration will only work if your LIFX bulbs are on the same subnet (or VLAN) as your Hubitat hub. Because I think bulbs are found using ARP discovery, which doesn't traverse subnets. Or some other broadcast-driven process that doesn't traverse subnets.


Hmm, well that might be a dealbreaker. They are on a different subnet and I'm not rearranging for one integration. Guess I'll just leave them where they are. They're working as well as anything LifX does these days. Likely to phase them out anyway.

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