Best way to Re-cycle power to HUB after shutdown

I have created a RM to shut down the hub in case of power failure with the use of a Ring Extender. I want to know the best of the 2 option to restart the Hub:
a- WiFi plug to turn off/on the 110v power to charger.
b- WiFi usb adapter to turn off/on the 5V power to the hub.

They're equivalent.

Good to know - thank you. I thought I saw somewhere in the forum that Hubitat recommends disconnecting the HUB one way over the other, but don't remember which?

Correct. Hubitat recommends not pulling the microUSB connector from its port on the hub. How you control power to that microUSB connector doesn't matter - just minimize the times you remove it from the hub.

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kasa wifi switches on an alternate wifi network is what i use.

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