Best way to quickly call up Dashboard for any of 3 Hubs?

I'm very new to HE, coming over from being a long-time ISY user. I have two HE hubs now, and will add a third over the Thanksgiving holiday (one in each of three buildings, all on the same LAN). I use my phone to check things and turn things on/off several times each day in any of the three buildings (using dashboards built with the included HE dashboard builder), so wondered if others could give advice on the fastest way to see and select different hubs on a mobile device. Currently (if I want to see a hub other than the one I've been using), I'm going into settings, then selecting a hub, then selecting my phone as a device, then selecting a dashboard on the hub I selected. Seems like there should be an easier/faster way. Thanks in advance for help and ideas. Even with these steps (that I think I can reduce), I find the HE to be a big improvement over my former system.

Hi, first thing that comes to mind would be to use direct links to each dashboard and save them as favorites in your browser?


I used those links and had the browser add them to the home screen. This way I get an icon on my home screen that goes straight there. It's the fastest thing I found. I'm on Android I assume you can do the same thing on iOS.