Best way to mount?

Hi all
Does anyone know how the antenna are orientated in the hubitat? I want to mount the hubitat and was wondering if horizontal or vertical would be better. Anyone have any info on that?

What hub version? Here's a couple threads discussing the matter. With my C-4 the USB extension helped.

Thanks. I'll have a look at those.
And sorry, I didn't search cause I didn't think there would be much on that, but I was wrong.

Short answer. The antennas are Omni.

Longer answer, it would make absolutely no difference anyway, as you have zero control over the orientation of antennas in your devices ( buttons, switches, etc).

So, in the interest of improving your signal, orientation is largely irrelevant. Placing it up high is often helpful, and as far from large metal obstructions as you can get (e.g. Refrigerator, HVAC duct/system, etc) to minimize blockage.

Other than that, how you build your mesh is probably much more important than where you put the hub.

If I was a betting man I'd bet that placing it someplace with WAF consideration will result in a much better signal than placing it without WAF consideration.