Best way to disable HSM when away from home

Hey all

I use HSM to monitor leak sensors, Smoke/CO2... Today my wife was cleaning and wiped the dust off of a leak sensor which triggered HSM. HSM then sends a push and announces to Alexa the offending leak sensor and repeats every few mins until cancelled

Since I was at work and my wife has no interest in logging into the hub, I had to remote into my home computer to turn it off. Is there a better way to manage HSM alerts?

Dashboard tile?
Virtual switch where we can tell Alexa to turn it off?

Can't seem to wrap my head around a solution just yet

Thanks, Rick

I think what you have said here will work.

I use a dashboard tile to arm and disarm. I can also use a ST button attached to the headboard of my bed to arm and disarm. You could use a virtual switch and have an Alexa routine to do the same thing. There are a lot of possibilities.

I have a tile that is a virtual switch to turn notifications on or off.

In my rules, I check the switch to decide whether to send a notification.

You may want to put a link to the dashboard on your wife’s phone so she can easily turn off the notifications. That way, if she can’t reach you for some reason, she doesn’t have to keep hearing the notifications.

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Well, after spending more time thinking through this, searching RM... I finally got it working :slight_smile:

Create a V-Switch for Water Alert
Created a RM Rule to turn on the WA switch when HSM detects water
Added the WA Switch to Alexa Skill
Created a RM Rule to detect when the switch is turned off to cancel HSM alert

Next is to see if I can combine the 2 Rules into one

Thanks for the feedback