Best Way? Delayed Action after Trigger

Hi All. I have a reasonably well-functioning vacation home departure rule with multi-step conditional statements. I periodically tweak this rule as new capabilities and requirements come up.

The latest requirement is a need to -successfully- complete a dishwasher cycle after having pushed the 'AWAY' button upon departure and leaving the house. The dishwasher has no automation but does, obviously, have a dependency on a continuous water supply. So, in order to fulfill this new requirement, the house's water main valve must be left 'ON' for about 90 minutes after the point of departure when the 'AWAY' button is pushed.

I'm currently using a common delay on my 'Close Water Valve' action but it has not worked so far.

QUESTION: Is there a better way to execute a 90-minute delayed action based on a button press trigger?

Thanks in advance!

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What is not working? What does the log show?

Using a delay as you have is probably the best way to make sure it closes. Since you didn't make the delay cancelable then it should turn off the valve in 90 minutes no matter what.

Assuming the rule triggered and the line is executed. Showing a log of what happens once triggered would be helpful.