Best solution for contact sensors and Alexa


Before I migrated from SmartThings I had Alexa setup to announce "Side Door Open" or "Front Door Open" and so on based on door contact sensor position. It is frustrating that Hubitat doesn't support contact sensors for Alexa. I have read several threads here about this and I am wondering what the best and simplest solution is. The TTS options seem rather complicated.

You could use HubConnect to sync virtual contact sensors in ST to the physical sensors paired to Hubitat, then make an Alexa routine with the ST virtual sensors.

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Besides HubConnect, you could also use Other Hub (similar idea but Hubitat to ST and not Hubitat to Hubitat or ST, so the virtual switch--that part would be the same--would live on Hubitat but be accessible via ST).

That being said, I hope the Alexa skill for Hubitat gets updated at some point to support this natively (along with a few other wishlist items like thermostats). I know cloud features aren't their #1 priority, but I can dream. :slight_smile:

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You have to build a Google Assistant Relay Node.js server (not as hard as it sounds), but then you can continue using the SmartThings cloud to trigger Alexa TTS.

I do it for all my TTS announcements now.

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'll just hold my breath until the Alexa skill gets updated.

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Might be a long wait. Google Assistant Relay is a fun project, or can be a fun project if you take your time. It's satisfying when it's complete. Instant gratification as you can silently control anything that google home can control.

I just moved some door contact from ST to HE. Use Echo Speaks app, RM ... evething smooth, faster.