Best sensors for gates?

I have modified a couple of Go Control contact sensors and added a length of wire between the sensor and a magnetic reed switch. The cable was long enough to bring the sensors indoors and out of the weather. For the double wide ????

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You can get "long actuation" reed switches. Switches that only trip when they are brought a greater distance apart than normal reed switches. This is what I would use if you are going to use a wired option.
I believe that the only contact sensor that you could mount, and this is only if your gate is wooden, is the Sensative Strips.

They are completely sealed so they can go outside. They are quite pricey but if you don't want to wire something, this might be your best option. But again, this would be only if you're talking entry gates in a wooden fence. These can't be mounted to metal.

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You do not always have to go by the center of a door or gate either. If you mount a sensor by the hinge it can detect open state as that side of the gate turns.

I would also recommend the WADWAZ type of sensor with the external switch option. I use it for a bunch of double-wide vertical windows and my sheds double doors. Very handy. I am almost done with my own driver for it to add some features, and because the generic (and most others I have tried) do not handle the external well (if at all).

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I did something similar with the GoControl contact and Reed switch for one of my wooden gate.

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How sensitive is this setup? Does it require that the gate open further before opening the contact?

Kind of like this idea... Even though tit would be more expensive I like this idea for the double wide doors config. I could tell if gate 1, gate 2 or both are open

He Ryan, Any idea, real world data, on how long the battery last in these? I imagine once the battery is depleted you have to replace the strip, correct?

It's depending on the type of Reed Switch and position between the magnet and the switch. It's about one inch with my setup.

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@matthewschultz92 here is the method that I went with a few years back and has been working great for a few years and not a problem and only change the battery a couple of times. Worth taking a look at. Thanks

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Nope, sorry, I've never used them. They are too damn expensive.

I think if hadn't already owned the contact sensors and reed switches I might have gone with the Sensitive strips. I had to do quite a bit of work to get my setup up and going. I first "broke" the contact sensor to eliminate the internal reed switch, attached cables and reed switch and ran the cable from indoors to the gates outdoors.
I suppose I could have weather-proofed a small contact sensor like the Samsung multi-sensor or similar but there is no sure way guarantee waterproofness. The Sensitive strips would have been an instant mount and done. The three-pack on Amazon brings the cost down to $45 each.

@zarthan: Any particular reason why you broke the internal switch? My WADWAZ reports the two separately...

I did the first one quite some time ago. I vaguely remember that on my device the screw terminals weren't enabled. I don't remember exactly but I did try without removing the onboard switch. I originally wanted to use the switch on the freezer door and the onboard/external setup would have been perfect.

Gotcha. Maybe it was an early firmware revision or flaw they have since cleaned up.
The fact it has two separate ones was actually one of the biggest pain points in my driver. Since Hubitat's ContactSensor capability only has the "contact" attribute and cannot directly indicate both. So I had to make a preference setting for how you want it to trigger (internal, external, either open/closed, both open/closed), then logic based on that.

I use the monoprice recessed sensors for $20 a piece. I added a large magnet to my other gate to ensure it trips. Its worked well for the past year and has stayed waterproof in damp Florida. I did pack the cap with dielectric grease to aid the waterproofing. Haven't changed the batteries yet


@ajones: I have heard mixed reviews on the recessed ones, mostly around the wood swelling and making it difficult to replace the battery. Any sign of that with yours, even though you have not had to replace it yet?

I just drilled the holes larger and use the screws on the front to hold them in. I have taken them out to inspect them. I had the same concern with my exterior doors as well but I put them on the top and let gravity hold them in with a slightly larger hole than recommended.


I painted an Iris V1 contact sensor black and used command strips to fasten it to the hinge side of the gate. It has been on there for over 3 years without any issues. I've only had to replace the battery twice.

This is on a double driveway gate 6' high by 10' wide.


I will echo the sensative z wave plus ultra thin ones... I have three on my pool gates and they work great. super thin and small, great range... expensive, but I really like them

I believe the monoprice version doesn't support the external contact due to firmware. I used to have tons of these sensors from both brand. One thing I really like them is the battery life because of the size.
I have this sensor on my gate over 2 years now.

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