Best practices for bulk commands?

Is there a best practice for sending commands in bulk to many devices at the same time? For example...When my mode changes to either Away or Night, I send Off commands to probably 30 devices, mostly Z-Wave. There are times that it would take a full 20-25 seconds for everything to finally shut off, I'm assuming there was just too much activity happening all at the same time flooding the mesh. I ended up using RM to split this into groups 3 devices at a time (so 10 separate rules) with a 1 second delay between each group and the response is much better. Just wondering what best practice is for something like this.


I'm wondering the same, I have increased my system massively over the last week and seem to be having some issues. Im wondering if this is the issue when to many devices are reporting at the same time.

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I will be doing my new implementation of Hubitat in a few weeks. I am interested in this as well. Are all your zwave devices listed as unsecure ? I read somewhere that secured zwave devices can have slower response times.