Best practice: Philips hue bridge?

What are they

They are not operating 100% on my minimote. I think I set something wrong in @stephack ABC Button Controller but it could very well be the minimote itself. I have three minimotes and noticed that only one of seems to having the issues with the hue bulbs. I am still toubleshooting

The Aeon minimotes have been known to be problematic on HE....At least initially. They are "sleepy" devices. I haven't tried them in months but they would drop off the network after a while so I have them in my HA graveyard.

in that case, if the hue bulbs are responded timely in the HE web's not the HE to HUE connection.

I'm looking to segment zigbee devices to a different hub, also different hub for LAN based integrations using HubConnect. Does the native Hue Bridge Integration communicate using LAN/IP or does it use the zigbee protocol directly? Thanks.

Yes. :slight_smile: