Best plug with power monitoring for EU / Germany - Aqara Plug


I am looking for a Zigbee plug for EU / Germany that works with Hubitat and that provides power monitoring.

I ordered the aqara plug, however I do not get it working. Do you have any ideas? I do not get an error message when pressing configure. It just does not react.

Thus, my idea was to choose another one but it has to be a EU version. The Samsung Smart Plug was mentioned in a post, however I do not find a version to purchase. The IKEA plug is too big for me, I am looking for a small plug like Tuya. I have to shellys, but they are Wifi.

Just a small plug, Zigbee, working with HE and having power monitoring :slight_smile:

Thank you


I use the Salus SP600.
Have not looked to see if they are still available but I like them.

Look for Frient plug on

IMHO that are two plus points at once! :+1::+1:
My shelly Wifi devices are those that NEVER go offline.

So, why not Wifi?

Thank you. Because Wifi has a higher power consumption and I want to unify the technology stack a bit :slight_smile:

[Smart Plug Mini | Smarte Steckdose | Kleiner Strommesser | kabelloser Ein-/Ausschalter | 10A konstante Ladung | Zigbee | funktioniert mit SmartThings und Homey : Baumarkt](

Do you mean this one?

I have one of these, the power and energy reporting works very well.

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