Best Place to Sell (Gently Used) Smart Switches ... Any Recommendations?

I'm looking to sell about 15 smart dimmers and 2 smart switches. Any recommendations on the best way/place to sell them? eBay came to mind, but I'm not sure if anyone here has a better recommendation.

They are relatively new Zooz dimmers (14 - Zen77s and 1 - Zen72) and switches (2 - Zen71s). Six of them have been opened—the rest are in boxes.

I’ve seen people have success selling their wares on this forum. Typically listing the items and prices asking for people to PM them if interested. Where are you located?

@Sebastien, thanks for reaching out. I'm located in St. Louis. Here are the original listings for the products where I bought them. I'd be willing to sell them for $20/each and cover shipping costs.

Zooz Zen71- $27.95
Zooz Zen72 - $27.95
Zooz Zen77 - $29.95

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