Best option for basic temp monitor?

Hey all - prob been asked many times before, but I wanted to ask the Aussies and Kiwis (Happy Australia Day Aussies!).

I want to chuck 2-3 temp monitors around the place, one in our comms cabinet. What's the best/smallest options here please?

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I have a bunch of these cheap Zigbee units which work great using the Sonoff driver.

Cool thanks - so plug and play just as they are correct?

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Yep, they pair straight to the Hubitat hub via Zigbee.

Cool thanks again. I wonder if these are the same thing? They certainly look like it.

Yeah I’m pretty sure they are all the same thing.

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I’ve got both the Tuya and the Sonoff ones in my house.
I like the Sonoff better as I’ve found it to be faster in reporting humidity changes and it has faired better than the Tuya battery wise. They are bigger and uglier than the Tuya though.

If you want the more expensive and officially unsupported route you can look at SensorPush, rock-solid Bluetooth sensors that can report back to Android (maybe apple?) app on it's own and store up to 20 days temp/humidity on the sensor, as well as the option for a Gateway that sends results to cloud-hosted storage, offered as part of purchasing the Gateway.

Good sensors, don't get me wrong, and I am partial to the redundancy of a self-contained system with integration options that I have made use of..... i.e. an API for the cloud-stored results that I have written a driver for.

These are currently my primary temp / humidity sensors, with one more on the way.

So i finally received my Aliexpress order, and fired up the Sonoff driver and its reporting correct, however i have MakerAPI linking to Homebridge to bring the devices to Apple HomeKit… The Humidity sensor is working ok, but the temp one is way off in homebridge. Any ideas here?


It it works fine in Hubitat, it’s a Homebridge issue.

Check to see it doesn’t think you are using Murican units.

Changed to Homebridge Hubitat Tonesto7 From MakerAPI and it works fine now :+1:

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