Best double relay switch?

Any opinions on best option for most reliable dual switch?
I see a few issues with Fibraro 223 and I had a minor issue with Aeotec Dual Nano switch - wouldn't include against it's specific listed type (but did if using generic & then identifies correctly) and not recognising the child switch components (but resolved) -does now work fine - but no power metering visible.

I see Vesternet now sell their own -

No specific driver but anybody use them?

This is part of yet another wholesale switch away from a Vera hub and generally it's going pretty good.


I have a ZEN52 installed in a ceiling fan and have zero complaints. It's cheaper than what you posted and Zooz support has been great when needed.


I would recommend against the qubino flush 2 relay. I found their zwave not as strong as others.

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Unfortunately, it is only available in the North American z-wave frequency. Based on their timezone, and choice of Vesternet, I suspect @sb777111sb is in the UK.

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Fair play.

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Yes, UK, so that's not an option unfortunately.
But thanks anyhow.

Generally, apart from the slight glitch at inclusion the Aeotec Dual Nano seems fine but I don't seem to be able to see power metering?

Any ideas?

I have yet to tackle a Fibraro 223 but based on previous posts looks like it may be problematic .

Thanks all.

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