Best Aqara Drivers?

I know I know I know. Aqara isn’t the best because of how they do their own thing and don’t follow the standards. That being said, I have a handful of devices and I’m wondering what you guys think the best driver is to use for them. There are so many different drivers. Just looking for the one people thinks works best! :slight_smile:

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In my case, my Zigbee network happens to be much more reliable than my Z-Wave one.

I also have a bunch of Aqara and Xiaomi devices, and I do not have issues with them.

For switches and buttons I’m using -Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara/Opple Button/Switch/Remote-.
For Aqara motion sensors -Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor-.
For Xiaomi motion sensors -Xiaomi Original Motion Sensor-.
For Xiaomi power sensing outlets -Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara Plug/Outlet-.
For Aqara door / contact sensors -Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor-.
For Aqara wireless switches -Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara/Opple Button/Switch/Remote-.
For Aqara temperature sensors -Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor-.
For Xiaomi wireless buttons -Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara/Opple Button/Switch/Remote-.


I've got motion, contact, lux, temp sensors, buttons and their square. I love their design. They all work fine. Very rare drop offs. I use IKEA repeaters which help a lot. Drivers are mostly Markus'.

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Just got me a few Temp/Humidity sensors. Could you please point to the latest of these drivers?

Did you look in HPM? That's where I got them. Not sure if they are still in there given the difficulties these last few months. I think there are also some new drivers prepared by someone else. Search the forum, I'm sure you'll find them :wink:

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I did not. I haven't got them yet, just happened to see you guys talking about it. Will look in HPM, thanks!

I am using Aqara/Xiaomi door, vibration, light, temperature sensors as well as one of their buttons. I am using the drivers by Markus except for the light sensor where I am using drivers are @chirpy

Note that some of the devices can be a bit fiddly to setup. The light sensors were a real pain in the posterior, but once setup, they have been rock solid for me.


I am using these ones as well.

I have 4 different types and I use these drivers as well. Tired them all over 5 years and tehse seem to be the most mature. Just get rid of non-compliant repeaters, that's the key.
I removed all my ZB repeating devices and installed 2 Tradfri. Almost no dropoffs now.

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Thanks. I have all Innr/Iris Smart Plug repeaters. They work great otherwise and I have like 13 of them so it's hard to justify trying to get rid of them. These are my only repeaters on my Zigbee network.

On a side note, where is the best place to buy Tradfri repeaters if I wanna experiment? Thanks!

I bought mine (online) from Ikea. They are cheap and seem to work. They were also the goto repeater on ST for Xiaomi compatibility.
EDIT: I have the power plug ones not the USB model.

They work great. Nice form factor and provide a USB power outlet, but they are highly underpowered (my only complaint). Pity, being a repeater.

Here you go:

In my experience, any (all?) zigbee 3.0 repeaters work with Aqara/Mijia sensors.

Here's another one that's about the same price:

i have few device from xiaomi all working great till now with this drive.

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