Best AAA batteries for phillips hue motion sensor

Hi All,

as most of my motion sensors were bought and installed at the same time, all of the original batteries are going, also at the same time....

The original batteries have lasted very well, about 3 years i think....

I tend to use rechargeable for most things now days, so ive installed some Amazon basics NiMih and in less than a week they've dropped from 100% down to 50/60%.

Now i understand that the voltage in rechargeable is lower and this is probably the reason for this but i didnt expect then to drop this quickly!

What batteries are peeps using for this type of sensor? Has anyone tried rechargeable lithium AAA's?

any advice much appreciated, im more interested in being as green as possible than the cost.

Thinking of these...

I can't comment on the longevity of rechargeable, but these do exist for sensors you have near an outlet.

I use Eveready Energizer Alkaline. I find they last well and don't leak as Duracell's do. I have used their Lithium but I'm not convinced the added cost extends the time enough to make them worth the extra cost. However I will use Lithium's if the sensor is outside (aka cold) or in a difficult area to access.

My feeling rechargeable are for high current drain devices and primary batteries are best for long term devices.

In my experience going back to when I had ST, rechargeable batteries in sensors are not reliable. Some will report 100% then 10% the next day. I have a drawer full of CR123 lithium ion rechargeable batteries that I removed and replaced with Panasonic alkaline.

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Thanks guys ill use alkaline