Behind the scenes?

Hubitat is slowed down with their firmware updates in the last month or two.

I’m wondering what the staff is working on. New c7 thus year....?

I agree! One of the reasons I bought the hub was the exciting pace of development and new features, YouTube live sessions and seeing Bruces' excitement for the platform, etc. Kind of bummed to see that slow!

A new hub would be exciting but only with some easy way to migrate easily to that hub. Thinking about moving all my devices to a new hub gives me the night sweats!

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I think the reason is they are working on a fix for some of the reported issues and they want to be able to see the wood through the trees. If the firmware is constantly changing without the fix they will never find it. So they are rolling out the development when they have a suspected fix then letting that sit while working on the next. The firmware role out is still about every 4-6 weeks so still a quick turnaround IMO.

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I haven't see any evidence of renewed focus on performance and stability. They put out another piece of hardware before making the existing work, I'm out.

I think they are probably working on fixing the current issues. The last thing you want to do is roll out new hardware and have it tarnished by existing software problems.

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Pulling the plug. What’s your alternative option?

While I'm not pulling the plug on Hubitat right now, I will say I've been very successful in moving a lot of my logic from Hubitat to Node-Red and Home Assistant.

Most of my physical devices are still on Hubitat. Except my osram outside lights ... The color selector simply does not work right in Hubitat with those lights and the generic driver, but it works perfectly in HA so it was just easier to move them there.


While there are many market available options, mine will be Custom.