Beginner -> Intermediate with messages, drivers and apps

Hi Everyone, newbie first post here - so be gentle please!
I've come from SmartThings (nice enough but proprietary), to Home Assistant (loved it, but had to keep fixing it!) and now Hubitat (think I've found the right one now!) I've got my basic system setup nicely with Zigbee light switches throughout, a few rules for movement lights, etc. However, I have a ton of other 'smart' devices such as Hive Thermostat (UK only?), Sonoff Wifi Switches, Samsung TVs, Neos Smartcams, Sensibo airco controllers, etc. None of these are integrated yet, and I've not had much success trying custom drivers/apps others have written.
I'm a software developer by trade, so comfortable with JSON messages, and I'm sure Groovy wouldn't take too long to learn.
But there seems to be a chasm between the basic system and getting a bit more in depth. Can anyone point me to any good resources for learning how I move it up a gear please?

I tended to use drivers others had written to start to write groovy code to communicate with various rest API services, combined with REST API software like Postman or something similar to help me confirm / refine the API calls I was constructing.

Thermostats are probably not a good starting point in terms of complexity and scale. Some simpler API's or device types might be worth a shot. Something where you are simply reading in some basic information to record in a HE device, or performing some simple commands where state is not as important.

There is also some general developer documentation that may come in useful:

As you start to develop drivers in particular, the capability section of this will be quite useful at times, instructing you on the interface you need to implement so devices can be used in the various parts of HE that reference devices of that type.

In terms of your lack of success with other Community drivers and apps, most developers here are quite happy to support their work, so I would suggest posting on the thread for the driver or app, including any logs or other details that may be relevant. Other community members may also offer suggestions or help troubleshoot issues with you.

Hope this helps....


That's a great help thank you Simon!
I write APIs (in .NET Core / Azure) so comfortable with Postman!

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I'm getting into Azure myself, but more in the data warehousing space. A very BIG environment :slightly_smiling_face: