Before I buy the Hubitat C8?

Will the C-8 control my first generation Z wave switches? They are probably going on ten years old now. I am currently using a GE Remote control that I think is catalog number 45601 as my main source of controlling my switches and a couple of outlets. I’m concerned that my original switches and outlets will not be recognized by the C-8 hub. Also can I migrate the information from the GE Control 18, with digital read out to the C-8 or will I have to start from scratch?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Yes, all Z-Wave generations are backwards- and forwards-compatible (though, of course, you'd run into possible problems in the reverse of your situation where a device supports a new "command class" for a feature you need and you're using an older controller that doesn't support it--but even then you'll still get basic control or reporting).

Note that, depending on how old your switches are, they may not report physical status changes (one made on the device itself as opposed to on the hub) back to the hub on their own. This is due to a patent, now expired, that most manufacturers did not license. To work around this, you could set up the Z-Wave Poller app on Hubitat or use some other solution that achieves the same goal (less is generally better with polling). Or you could only use the hub for changes. You could also replace the devices, as many have done by now. :smiley: But there shouldn't be any reason you need to.

You will need to migrate your devices manually; the only hope, which worked to some extent on older hubs, would be to add it as a secondary controller, but that does not work on current hardware and software.


@user5393 To add to what @bertabcd1234 said, take a look at this post. It will help avoid some gotchas.

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