Before buying Home Kit

My home is setup with many Zooz switches, receptacles and also zigbee receptacles. From time to time certain lights/receptacles don't turn on or off. I then open up HE app and turn on/off. One reason for Home kit is the interface I have seen is easer for my wife. We have many Alexa dots in rooms. Question is what do I need to start to integrate Home kit and do you know of any issues with the Zooz family of products? Will Siri control the devices like Alexa without conflict?

I have pretty much all Zooz stuff. Any Zwave or Zigbee switches/lights/outlets should integrate using the system HK app no problem. Some sensors still seem to be having some trouble but most of mine are working fine.

You can set it up and test it before purchasing anything! You do not NEED to have a home hub for local in home control. The Home Hub is needed for cloud control away from home and acts as a gateway for HK to connect to the local devices/bridges (Hubitat).

I still have all my Alexa devices and added a single Homepod Mini to my office to use as the Home Hub (and also makes a great speaker for music). I have the Alexa and HK integrations both running and can voice command devices via Alexa, or Siri (on Homepod, phone or watch).

The HK dashboard is fast and easy to use. One downside is that you only get one dashboard per "Home", you can share that home with multiple people but if you change things it changes for everyone. This can be a good thing though because you only have to maintain one dashboard. If my wife had to maintain her own I would have to go on her phone and set it all up myself, vs just making the changes on my device and it pushes to hers as well.

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I am not sure I understand. Do I have to do something in HE first so that I can use the Iphone?
I have a C5 hub running ver When I open Home on Iphone it shows add accessory.

You need to add the built in Homekit app and then set it up.

As part of the setup you will pair it with your phone via a QR code.

Here is a good video explaining setting up the Homekit integration.


Good video but Homebridge is an alternative way of bringing Hubitat devices into the Apple Home app. Now that Hubitat supports HomeKit directly, Homebridge isn’t needed.


Your right, I meant Homekit.

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Technically there are a few features that Homebridge supports but Hubitat’s native integration can’t. That’s due to limitations Apple imposes on certified HomeKit bridges (and Homebridge is by definition not a certified bridge).