BE468 Lock doesn't always relock, but sometimes it does

Hi - I have set up a Basic Rule to relock my BE468 lock when it is unlocked for over 5 minutes.

My Basic Rule is:

When Schlage BE468/BE469 Camelot unlocked ...
Wait 5 minutes
Lock Schlage BE468/BE469 Camelot

Sometimes the lock will relock just fine, but most of the time it doesn't.

Does anybody know what is going on? Do I need to modify my rule?

Probably a zwave mesh issue.

I had the same issue. I set the app to lock it twice, and that seems to have fixed it.

I agree with @aaiyar on it likely being a mesh issue. I have two of these locks literally 5ft from my hub and never have any issues with them locking or unlocking.

@aaiyar & @inetjnky - So, just move the hub closer to the lock? If "yes", would 15 feet and an exterior stucco wall be close enough? My old location hub location was about 25 feet and two thin interior walls. I don't have any other Z-Wave devices other than my door lock, so I don't believe I have a real "mesh".

@g.shepperd - Thanks, that's an excellent suggestion! I will do that, even if the C-8 hub move seems to fix the issue. (Funny thing, I do something similar with my cell phone's fingerprint sensor to get a higher recognition rate. I should have thought of this myself, but that's what this forum is all about!)

Possibly or you could try a ZWave plus extender such as the Aeotec ZWave Extender 7.

I can understand that you want the lock to lock if someone accidentally forgets to lock the lock. However, if family members think the lock is going to relock itself, they might become lazy and not bother to lock it manually. This is not a good situation.

Also if someone is going outside for a brief period, such as to water flowers, check the mail, etc. Having the lock relock automatically might not always be appropriate.

Hubitat is not designed to be a platform for home security, only home automation. Thus, be careful using Hubitat for any security-related task.

@ADiamond Can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety? Use windows snip

@rwclements228 - Yep, I agree. I know that Hubitat is for home automation, not security. However, when we have relatives and home guests that can't even follow the big freakin' "Lock Me when You Leave!" Post-It note on the door, it doesn't hurt to have a little backup in place. (Hmmm. Maybe I have some other issues here to deal with?)

@rlithgow1 - Here is my Z-Wave detail page:

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There's yer problem right there. No real mesh. You need to get a beaming repeater in between the hub and the lock

Do I need to buy a Z-Wave beaming repeater along with the C-8 just to run a single door lock?

I never had a problem with my previous Aeotek hub communicating to the lock (well, to my knowledge), and it was further away from the door lock.

Those locks are notorious (I have 3) you don't really have any sort of mesh. I would use a ring extender v2. They also have battery backup so that powering from mains to battery can be used as a trigger. Put it about halfway from between the lock and the hub.

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That's one option. The other is to modify your rule such that the command to lock is repeated unless the lock is locked.

This is what I implemented, since it doesn't require purchasing any additional hardware. Time will tell if it provides a reliable relocking method.

I created 4 Basic Rules to relock when unlocked, with the rules separated by 30 seconds each.

I didn't research a Rule that would continuously attempt relocking if unlocked. One jammed lock event would probably result in wiping out the battery.

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If you setup a notification that it didn't lock after 5 tries the battery thing wouldn't be an issue as you would simply properly close the door