Be afraid

So I’m getting ready to add some more gear near the garage door. Ever since I moved in there has been this mystery plate.

All the switches and lights in the area work so it wasn’t a big concern. For my next project there are two lights on a three way switch. I suspected that this might have been connected to that somehow. So I opened it up and…

What the‽

Full stop. Time to dig out the voltage checker and meter. I’m not going to blindly stick my fingers in there. :crazy_face:

(Not sure why it is rotating the image. :man_shrugging:t2:)

On a positive note it looks like it is deep enough that the drywall is on top of 2x4 studs. That means I’ll be able to fit some in wall speakers on that wall. Another wall in the living room is on 2x2 studs. Most of the house is block so instead of dealing with that they framed some drywall on top of it so they could run power.

Did I mention that it is an odd house?


Someone took out some serious aggression on that switch :slight_smile:

:scream: :rofl: :flushed:
Appropriate thread title. Be very careful.


someone got tired of having a 3 way switch and this was the fix? Ok then....

Gloves, multi-meter, GO

Just do it.. But make sure there is video :crazy_face:


I don’t know. There is a three way switch on the other side of the doorway. I thought this box might have been related to that.

Or maybe it is connected to the ceiling fan in the living room? There’s a switch by the front door, I could understand one be the garage door as well. I just don’t know. And I have no clue what that device below the switch is.

The house keeps me scratching my head. There is a 10 x 12 foot room that has two sliding glass door and a regular door. So there isn’t much wall space. Yet it sill has nine duplex outlets. I haven’t traced them out yet so I don’t know if they are on one or more circuits.

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Oh, I see it now. The bottom piece (right side in the rotated image) is a second switch. I hadn’t really looked that closely at it. I probably won’t get to it until next week. This weekend I have another home project and a class on making fireballs. :wink:

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Former grow room.

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Nice thought but the door into that room has locks on it to keep things from getting out of that room. :flushed:

Snake/reptile tanks.

I doubt it's a 3way, those switches are not labelled Off/On, they are typically blank. It might be the secret self-destruct switch, so whatever you do, don't turn it on :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree - I was thinking it might be part of a three way before I removed the face plate.

As for turning it on, too lat


Now we know who turned on the Doomday machine.

P.S. The touch of the missing "e" was extra-good!


Not just turn one on, after this weekend I’ll know how to build one. :wink:

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Yeah, those look like Despard switches, very popular in the 50-60s. So, OP has TWO unknown circuits. Try the receptacles, top AND bottom of each, as they may be split and wired for dual circuits.


Unfortunately it won’t be this weekend.

Fortunately I can eliminate one electrical panel so that leaves only three possible panels it might be tied to. (Yes my house has four separate circuit panels :crazy_face:)

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This story just keeps getting better. I'm VERY afraid.

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Lemme guess; Multiple brands and likely include Wadsworth and Cutler-Hammer.

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Did I mention the striped out fuse box in a closet that has the door pinned shut by a built in shelf? A fuse box that spit sparks at me when I tried to gain access to it? :joy:

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When did you say you were moving?