Battery Zwave Device

I am looking for a battery operated Zwave device that when trigerred by a microswitch would send a signal to HE and then send an alert to my phone. It has to be battery powered. I was thinking of a flood detector and cut the wire and use it across the microswtich.

Contact sensor, just bypass the magnetic Reed sensor

Ecolink Contact Sensor has internal screw posts for exactly this purpose.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.31.18 PM

Finally got the Ecolink. It included on first try within 5 seconds. It shows in my devices I called it Side Door Lock. I don't know if I have to use the termials with the micro switch as I previously posted. I might be able just to use the magnet. In any case, I wanted to setup an app to to trigger when the door is open and send a notification to my cell. I would also like it to trigger a one time notification at 9 pm if open. I have Pushover. I was tying to setup RM but the device was not listed but when I go to my devices it is there.
Also if I can't use the magnet I would wire the microswitch common to NO terminal and those wires connected to the terminals as pictured?

one wire to each terminal. NO or NC is up to you based on the result you desire from the Ecolink. In other words, the Ecolink will indicate Open or Close. Pick the NO or NC terminal of the microswitch to match what you want displayed. :smiley:

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Right. Can you help with the app? I had only done lighting with the Simple Lighting. Is there some manual that I can get a little better at this? I am 72 and this programming stuff doesn't come easy.

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