Battery reports differently on new Samsung Multi V5

For the 2018 Samsung Multipurpose sensor using the V5 driver the battery reports 99% but using the Generic Zigbee Contact driver it reports 87. The sensor is about 1 month old so I believe the 87% value. Should I stay with the Generic driver? I'm on the latest hub version

The v5 driver uses a different battery report than the generic, stick with the v5, and remember to click configure whenever you swap drivers.

Mike, This brings up (for me) a more general question.

When do you need to "configure" a device? (both Zigbee and ZWave)?


For zigbee it's all of them always, for most zwave devices it isn't required, but it's always safer when switching drivers to do zwave as well unless you've made some zwave parameter changes outside of the driver using the zwave tool.

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