Battery-powered LED light that can be used as an indicator light

Read through similar posts, but am not seeing an answer.

Short version - I have a home studio where I record music and videos. I'd like to place a light above the studio door that I can turn on when I'm recording. Ideally I'd love to set the color, but just a simple on off would work.

Unfortunately, without running new wire there is no way for me to get power to the location where I would need the light. Is anyone aware of a battery-powered light that is compatible? I'm noting LED because of the low power draw.

Thanks for any thoughts!

See Zigbee Indicator for sign discussion for some thoughts on this.

I tried search but missed that thread! Thanks for the pointer.

If a slowly flashing red light would work then you should check out the Linear/Vision Siren. There are several models, but one of them is battery powered.

That might just work!

The device sometimes takes 5-10 seconds to turn on and off, but for your use case that shouldn't matter.

Just to clarify, when I said "slow flashing" I meant that it's not a strobe, but it's probably only on and off for about 1 second.

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