Battery drain on SmartThings Button

I'm having a sudden issue with batteries draining, and it's frustrating and costing me in battery replacements. I've changed nothing in the house or with rules, so I don't understand what has happened. These buttons have been in my system for over a year now with no issues until the last month.

Here is a log.

I've not updated anything in the last several months because everything is stable. (was stable). Don't want to mess with the latter updates yet. I'm running 2.2.2 still.

I would first try hitting configure on one of them, if you still see the excessive battery reporting I would exclude, reset, then re include one of them to see if that sorts it.

No Joy.
The reporting is insane!!

Currently this device doesn't have any temperature reporting options, however you may be able to change to the generic zigbee motion sensor, change the temp reporting preferences, then switch back.

You mean the Hubitat driver doesn't have temp reporting options, right?

I'll try your suggestion. Thanks!

Change to motion sensor ?? No options under that driver.
This is a button, but you know that, right?

Yes that driver doesn't have the option, all zigbee devices support reporting options...