Bathroom Occupied Light/Notification UK Based

Hi, I'm fairly new to using Hubitat having previously relied on the Alexa Routines to manage things.

I have pretty much got to grips with transferring everything over, so I am now looking at what other automations I can add.

One thing that would be useful because we only have the one bathroom in the house, would be an indicator that someone was using the bathroom. I am not going to use motion as I want to use the sliding lock on the door so that it is a clear, ambiguous trigger. Instead I am going to use a contact sensor in the frame of the doorway and a magnet on the sliding lock, so that part seems to be straightforward, but the next part of an indicator once triggered is the bit I can't make my mind up on,

I was thinking that I wanted a Light placed on the wall over the doorway to come on in a soft red when the bathroom is locked and then switch off when unlocked. I was hoping that there was some sort of small zigbee light unit which was battery powered that I could use. That way it didn't require that I supply mains voltage to it and could also have a second light in the Main bedroom, to be another indicator.
Unfortunately it seems this sort of thing doesn't exits, so I may go the route of getting a zigbee bulb in a small lamp fitting and provide mains via the loft and place it on the ceiling. This could be a GU10 in a downlighter fitting.

Has anyone else considered doing something like this and what light notification device have you got or seen that would fit the bill?

Any advice would be welcome!

Innovelli will have their blue zigbee line coming out soon. You can set that to smart bulb mode and then use the zigbee light of your choice. In smart bulb mode the switch keeps it mains powered and acts more as a button controller to the light but behavior is identical when pushed. If you can get inovelli z-wave switches where you are for your region that will work as well.

That's an interesting idea although at our house we typically leave the doors open when unoccupied. Another possibility would be to mount a cheap android tablet on the wall and use @jpage4500's awesome android dashboard app.

Another thing to consider is using a "presence" sensor like the new Aqara FP1... it works great but is expensive.

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UK Based, so that won't work. They are on 240V system.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Main unknown is the light option. It would be great if there was a small light that I could trigger, but it seems it will have to be a standard zigbee bulb in some sort of fixture

nodemcu // wled // led strip.

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