Bathroom Humidity

@halfrican.ak is reporting issues with this app since the last firmware update.
Is anyone else having problems with the baseline sensor(s) not reporting correctly?


Do you have the square Xiaomi Aquara Temp/Humidity or the round one? Is there a difference in features or reliability?

I have the square ones.
Never tried the round ones or know the difference between them.


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Found an old ST thread where @veeceeoh explained they were the original. Sounds like the new square type are the better of the two. I ordered based on your experience. Thanks.

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@cobra latest version of "super smart fan" is throwing some errors during the update check:

app:53172018-12-07 09:02:42.625 am warnAn update is available - Telling the parent!

app:53172018-12-07 09:02:42.624 am errorSomething went wrong: CHECK THE JSON FILE AND IT'S URI - java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replace() on null object

I think there is probably a problem with the remote json file
I’ll have a look later for you.


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there was a small issue on both the parent and child with the update code.
I have released a new version of both parent and child on Github
The apps probably won't tell you because the problem was with the update code

Please update and let me know how you get on.



seems to have fixed the errors for me, thanks!

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my mistake.
I change the internal name for the json checking file and forgot to actually change the name in the file :frowning:


All fixed now

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Andy, is there any chance I check for current state of fan switch could be implemented so that the app isn't sending the ON or OFF command if the switch is already in the correct state?

In its current state it appears to send the command every time it evaluates the rule as true so it's sending repetitive "wasteful" commands in some cases every few seconds in my setup.


I thought I’d already implimented that...

I’ll have a check through the code when I get the chance.


So I'm making mine personal humidity app and looking through yours and Cobra's...

("Looking through" meaning I took yours and shoe-horned it into my system :smiley:)

If I'm reading the code right, it looks like "Humidity Increase Rate" is the amount increased since the last check-in, so would be entirely dependent on the polling rate for the device? That is, if sensor X updated every ten seconds, and sensor Y updated every 5 minutes, they would have two different "Increase Rates". Is that correct?

That is correct, the zooz 4 in 1 is about 3 minutes, and the aeotec multisensor is configurable.
Those are the 2 I have used.

Alright. What I'm thinking is to drop updates into a map with a timestamp. Any older than X minutes get dropped out. Then take an average. That's just off the top of my head, so not sure if it'd work.

I'll also have the "Threshold" option, and comparing to a control as options, maybe allowing matching multiple criteria. ....Still working it out in my head, and only glanced at Cobra's version.

There is a way of grabbing the last x minutes of humidity events, then you don’t have to store them.

def states = evt.device.eventsSince(new Date((long)( - (21*60000)))).findAll{ == "humidity"}

This gets the lat 21 minutes of humidity events

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Had been putting this off because accessing my attic space is a pain and a dirty job due to the blown cellulose insulation. Well, I was forced to get up there to find the source of a leak, and so I finally got the Insteon micro module for the bathroom fan installed.

Works perfectly! The micro module turns the fan on, and the standard timer does too. OFF works exactly as one would expect from the wall timer. The only thing that might confuse someone is how the fan can be one, and yet the time isn't, but this would be a rare case where the person that didn't think to turn the fan on in the first place, would even notice such a thing.

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@Cobra Now that I have the hardware installed and working, I'm just getting Super Smart Fan setup, but I'm unclear on the nomenclature.

How long to keep fan on after manual switch on (minutes)*

What is this for? I would think that if you manually switched on a fan, you wouldn't want it to turn off. In my case, I wouldn't want it to digitally switch off after I physically turned it on since I'm triggering the micro module physically with a standard countdown timer switch. I could set it to the max for the switch, which is 30 minutes, but that would mean the fan would always turn on for 30 minutes, even if someone hit 10 min on the timer, wouldn't it? Can I disable this feature by commenting out some lines in the code? Maybe I'm just not understanding correctly.

[Edit] Maybe this wouldn't be an issue. I'll set for 30 minutes and test. Probably the timer turning off, regardless of the 30 minute setting wouldn't be an issue and the fan would indeed turn off because the timer removing the load from the micro module should turn it off no matter what. Does the definable timer in the app reset when the fan turns off? Sorry for asking so many questions before testing. I know better :upside_down_face:

That option is to control how long the fan would stay on if turned on while humidity isn't above setpoint (stench mitigation). It doesn't prevent the fan from staying on longer if high humidity is present.

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Hi Andy,

@anon61068208 Was so kind and updated the Ambient Weather device driver that @thomas.c.howard and his son contributed. However, Super Smart Fan is picking up the outdoor humidity for this device.

Super Smart Fan
app:36152019-05-04 02:25:40.822 am debugBATHROOM_EXHAUST_AUTO_FAN (App Version: 1.7.0) - state.baseline = 98

Ambient Weather Device
dev:32812019-05-04 02:10:41.467 am debugWeather: [dateutc:1556949900000, winddir:44, windspeedmph:2.68, windgustmph:4.03, maxdailygust:12.08, tempf:49.3, humidity:98, hourlyrainin:0, dailyrainin:0, weeklyrainin:0.9, monthlyrainin:0.87, yearlyrainin:11.48, totalrainin:11.48, tempinf:66.4, humidityin:52, baromrelin:30.06, baromabsin:29.72, feelsLike:49.3, dewPoint:48.76, lastRain:2019-05-03T19:23:00.000Z, date:2019-05-04T06:05:00.000Z]

Where is the Super Smart Fan code ?

Also I had to rename a few of the attributes just now as I saw a few issues with the last commit if you want to update the Ambient driver again.

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