Basic set up - still doesnt work HE C7

Afternoon (morning, evening etc. Depends on where you are) :slight_smile:

I have purchased a genuine C-7 HE and srtill I struggle with the basics.
With the ovewhelming documentation, All I need is to know what I have missed from the basic set up from fresh.
I have attempted some basic tasks without success. have I wifi devices rather than zigbee? I do not know. All the info is below in images.
Many thanks for anyone that replies :slight_smile:

Note: I have many 4 Channel relays connected via Alexa and eWeLink App. I have removed and reset some add to Hubitat in preparation to migrate.

Zigbee or WiFi? Only the zigbee ones work with Hubitat using the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch driver.

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Hi Aaiyar.
How would I know what type of device I have?
Its very confusing as the eWelink says Zigbee

Can you look up the order? And see what you ordered?

Hi, yes. this is it...

Unfortunately those are WiFi. Can you exchange them for this model?

Thanks for confirming.
Is there not a mehtod of a hub? Or a server to allow these to work?

Compatibility is tricky because there are many WiFi devices that work well with Hubitat.

However, often we hear "WiFI" and we expect that the Manufacturer has decided to not publish an API and use proprietary cloud/mobile solution. There are a big number of driver writing people in this community and if there's an available API, the driver gets written :smiley: Reverse Engineering an API can be complex, often needing specialized equipment and in those cases, there's no enthusiasm to write a driver because the audience is tiny vs the amount of time and energy expended.

Lutron and Lifx are two examples that pop into my head that are highly compatible.


Likely not. Since you're new, I would recommend you make purchases based on the Hubitat Compatibility list. Then from there if you see a z-wave or zigbee device you like that's not on list, ask about it. Chances are someone has dealt with it before.

Hubitat Compatibility list List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation