Basic Rules Mode bug

Tried creating a Basic Rules rule to turn on a device when Mode becomes Night and then turn it off when Mode becomes anything other than Night.

But, when you select the Modes for the second part it also rewrites the Modes for the first part to whatever you put in the second part.

So I can turn on when mode becomes night and then later turn off when mode becomes, er, night. Or I can turn on when mode becomes morning, day, evening, away and holiday and also turn off when mode becomes morning, day, evening, away and holiday.

Fortunately this is a rule I was moving from Simple Automation so it can just stay where it is.

I'm moving stuff because Basic Rules is easier to follow for other members of the household. There's no technical reason for shifting them.


Yeah. Looks like a bug.
If you want to move to Basic Rules, it should work if you split it into 2 rules in the mean time.

It's not urgent for me to move the rules. Just to keep someone else happy....

Or at least less confused.

Yep, there's a bug here. This will get fixed in the next hot fix release. In the meantime an easy work around is to use two rules.

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