Basic Rules Help with Washer Notifications

If you turn on ALL logging for this rule, and either (ideally) run the washer or use your virtual switch, what do logs show? Can you paste them here?

I do think that one of the washer apps would be much easier to setup (Better Laundry Monitor works great for my old-school machine which is similar to your power readings), but this rule should work, especially with the suggestions by @terminal3 in his post above.

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Yes turning on logging and posting them after a run would be very helpful to understand what is going on.

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It looks like you did not delete that line I suggested you remove. It appears it is stuck at that point.

Also when posting logs, screen shots are better. Run the app then select the app at the top of the page in the list of devices and apps and then only that apps logs will be shown below and you can then screen shot and post.
Example below

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Ok deleted line testing now

It works!!! Thank You very much!! All these years and finally got it to work.


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