Basic Rules - Before Sunset offset firing after SS instead?

I moved my SARs to Basic Rules on Friday, and I've noticed that "Before Sunset" offset triggers all fire after sunset.

My SS ~7:35 pm. My Basic Rule automations set for 60' / 30' before SS show up as next scheduled for 8:35pm and 8:05pm respectively (and that's when they actually fire too).

Yesterday, I finally somehow got the proper times to show up as next scheduled (6:35 and 7:05 and the automations worked at those times), but when I checked this morning, all of those Basic Rules are back to being opposite again (scheduled to fire the desired offset after SS instead of before).

These are super simple automations - basically as easy as it gets - e.g. "30 min before sunset, turn on X lights" - I've triple-checked that everything is set up right and it is.

I suppose I should just go back to SAR, but wanted to see if any other Basic Rules users were experiencing this issue?

The way I can manually "fix" this on a daily basis is to go in each affected BR and simply delete and re-type in the desired offset, then the next scheduled time updates to the proper offset time.

But every day overnight, it seems that Basic Rules resets the offset (flipping it the wrong way again).

I will investigate...

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Yep, bug there. Looks like it sets it correctly for the first day (if setup before the time it would go off) and flips it on following days.

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Thanks very much - I appreciate the update.

Primarily just glad to hear I'm not going crazy!

Fix will be in the next hot fix release.


That is awesome - thanks Bruce!