Basic Rule not running as intended [RESOLVED]

I have a basic rule that seems straightforward enough:


My goal was to push a button on my Lutron RadioRA 2 main repeater when I walk downstairs early in the morning. Then when it gets lighter out, push two other buttons on the main repeater.

The rule triggers as it should, when I open my bedroom door. And when I walk downstairs, button 15 on the main repeater does get pushed. But then the strange thing is if the stairway motion sensor becomes active again, buttons 3 and 4 on the main repeater get pushed. It's still dark and the lux level for the weather device is well below 1000.

I can't understand why a second motion event is triggering the main repeater buttons 3 and 4, which is what the rule log appears to be confirming.

I must be misunderstanding how the rule logic I created actually works, but I'm not sure how. Anyone have any ideas?

App settings page is below.

I am not that familiar with Basic Rules but I know in RM if a rule gets retriggered the existing waits are canceled. It sounds like that may be happening to you.

Could be. But it seems weird if it’s re-triggering based on an event in the middle of the rule (as opposed to the first event that kicks off the entire rule). And it’s not waiting til the lux level is above the specified threshold.

I made a handful of changes to the rule before leaving it in its current form, in case that matters.

The app settings page is all Greek to me, so that may or may not be relevant.

Yeah good point. With RM it happens if the trigger event reoccurs.

Looking at your logs, it looks like the first wait condition triggers a second time instead of the correct wait condition:

I wonder if there might be a bug in Basic rule that repeats the first wait instead of setting a second…?

What build are you on? There was a bug with this that was fixed. Could be a related bug, but please say which build.

The hub is up to date, running the latest firmware hotfix (i.e. This rule was first created a few months ago and edited over time.

I will track this down in the morning, and should be able to get a fix into hot fix...


This issue has been fixed, and will be in next release.


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