Basic Rule App Broken?

I create quite possibly the most basic rule of all basic rules and it doesn't work.

As soon as the switch turns on, it's turns off immediately.

Does the same thing in many different switches.

See attached config.

Try it this way and see if it works

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That works, but kind of defeats the whole built in "turns on and stays on" feature of Basic Rule.

Sounds like a bug.

Indeed. But now you have a solution, and @bravenel has something to investigate. :wink:

Bug found and fixed. Will be in a hot fix release...


This bug fix has been released in


I should note there is a clarification I need to add. When I did the "and wait" test I only did 1 minute. I didn't actually time it but it was close enough to 1 minute so I assumed it was good, however when I did 15 minutes it seems to turn off at 5 minutes.

Per the logs (attached), the app is waiting, however simply not turning off at the proper time.


Are you on 137 build?

From your logs, you hit Done in the middle of that rule running (app: initialized). Can’t tell what is going on.

just updated to .137 that seems to fix 1) my the issue above with the wait command and 2) my original issue of 'turns on and stays on'