Basic Motion Rule not working correctly

Hello all,

I followed the hubitat YouTube video for setting up motion and lights, and I am having an issue when it comes to Dimming per mode. This works fine if I dont use the mode or if I use dmming at 100%.

I believe I have the latest hubitat C7, using Hue Motion Sensor and a Kasa Dimmer Switch (also tried with a inovelli dimmer).

Screen Shots

I am wondering if the App for Motion and Lights is kind of out of date and should just use something else ?

No it is not out of date. It is a currently developed app from all indications, and works fine.

You didn't say what the failure was exactly, or describe what should have occurred, or post screenshots of the logs where it might show what happened. It is unclear (to me at least) what the failure was from your description. Did the lights not turn on, not turn off, not dim correctly, at a wrong time, delays not correct, or what?

Just a speculation here, but maybe your modes aren't switching? Or maybe that LUX part in the rule is throwing things off? Hard to tell from just the settings.

You have logging turned on, so maybe you have a record of what happened to make this work in an undesirable way? Again providing screenshots of logs will help to track down the problem.

Turn on logging in the app, it will show you exactly what is going on.


The issue is the lights do not come on at all when I use the dimming modes (100 day, 50 evening and 25 night). If I change the modes to 100 day, 100 evening and 100 night, they will work, which is basically just an on/off switch.

I am getting a message in the logs that says, "Not turning on, already on", I will try turning off the overides to see if that makes any difference but might have something to do with the Kasa Dimmer Switch not being totally powered off when it is off.


Try "turn on if already on". But I think that can't be used with "don't turn off is already on" option. But maybe as a test you could flip this and see what happens.

That is a very likely cause. What does the device's settings page show for level or on/off when this is happening?

I will try that.

My Kasa Dimmer Switches show Level 100 even when turned off.

I think I just need to write a rule instead of using the Mode and Motion App. One of things I really want is the delay/wait to be when motion is inactive to turn off lights. For example, if someone is taking a shower I dont want the light to just turn off on them. I can't find an option in the Mode and Motion App to "wait until motion is not detected."

That is what the off delay does. It waits until lack of motion to begin the countdown. It would be silly to just shut off the lights after 3 minutes of activation.

Edit, here is an exact quote from the manual.

Use delay per mode

By default, your lights will turn Off whenever motion stops being detected. To avoid this, you can set a delay after the last motion is detected, and before the lights turn Off. Toggle the Use delay per mode switch at the top. Off delay fields will appear for each mode you have selected. Enter the number of minutes you want to delay the lights turning Off .

Double edit:

Minutes to delay before off** (Default is 1 minute)

Set the number of minutes following the last motion sensed, for which you would like to delay the Off state.

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Okay, I have tried different setting and I as I can get this to work for on/off, just cant get the dimming to work. For example; I have it at night to do 25% dimming but it just comes on full 100%.

Does anyone know if there is something in the switch I need to setup, or something else ?

Can you dim it directly from its device page, using setLevel?

Also, turn on logging in the app, so you can see exactly what it does.

Yes, I can dim it from the device page on setLevel.

OK, that's good. So you need the app logging, and it will reveal what is going on.

I guess it would have helped me if I had setup the modes in mode manager. I think everything is working now, thanks all.