Bash help - floating point to integer?

I'm trying to come up with another metric to measure a network devices performance but I pretty much such when it comes to bash.

I'm using curl and outputting %time_total%, which gives me a value like 0.133267s
I used sed 's/.$//' to get rid of the s at the end.

I want to multiply that by 1000 and get rid of the decimal to get me to miliseconds but I'm stumped how. I keep coming up with you can't use floating point math in a bash script..

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You know, I always forget about chatgpt. But it's answer doesn't work. The last variable is spits out equals 0. Same road block I ran into trying another way using bc.

You have to be persistent with it. Tell it that is doesn't work and it'll say something like "There has been a misunderstanding try XYZ instead"

I just gave up and am storing the value as seconds instead of ms. Still works as intended