Balboa Spa Controller App

That's my biggest complaint about the BWS controller. Why can't it know it's TZ and then get the time via NTP. Being on TOU I really don't want my spa running/cycling during the highest peak value. If you figure out how to push time from the app, I'm installing it that day and creating a rule to run daily.

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Is there a way to identify a Balboa spa controller? I looked at mine on my Jacuzzi and cannot find any brand names.

Do you have the BWA WiFi Controller unit attached to your spa’s controller?

Not currently, but i remember a couple years ago the dealer i bought from was trying to sell me an optional add on cloud based module but it required a monthly subscription, which i didn't want to sign up for.

I'm ok with buying a locally controlled wifi gateway if my board supports it.

There isn’t a monthly charge for the BWA Cloud Control as far as I know since I do not pay and many of my BWA spa app users have not indicated that they pay a reoccurring fee.

If one is not tech savvy, one might need to have their spa service center install the BWA WiFi controller to the Balboa circuit board for a one-time charge. But It really is not that hard to install the BWA WiFi unit, just a plug in to the circuit board.

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My board looks a little different from the video, but i have some data plugs that look similar to the plugs on that module.

I just have to do some more research to make sure my spa controller is a Balboa. It seems they make controllers for many spa brands, i just have not been able to verify that Jacuzzi is one of them.

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I think if you remove the Spa outside panel, and use a strong flashlight and magnifying glass, You might be able to see the board’s model numbers on the circuit board (Hopefully). If you can get the numbers you can Google them along with keywords balboa and hopefully find you have a compatible controller.

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A new update to BWA Spa Manager 1.3.0 has the following new command feature for setting the spa time clock :clock10: from hubitat's local time.

v1.3.0 - Feb-07-2024

Install/Update using Hubitat Package Manager (HPM)

  • REQUIRES HPM v1.9.2 or higher for install/update.
  • This BWA Spa Manager release has extensive changes to both application & drivers to catch/handle spa offline/disconnected conditions as best as possible. *The Balboa SPA WiFi controller can be very unstable and randomly losses network connection to the BWA Cloud. Refresh SPA parent driver and then check for an 'online' state in parent SPA driver to determine if the spa is 'online' before sending any events, like pump on, lights on, etc. Re-check that the events have been changed in a refresh.
  • Added new feature 'Set Spa to Local Time' command in the spa parent device to update the SPA's internal time clock to hubs local time in HH:mm format'.
  • Added a new 'speed' attribute to the spa switch child driver(s) for selected spa devices, like pumps, blower, etc that have a low or high capabilities in addition to a switch state of 'on/off'.
  • Added detection of a blower pump (if present) and the current on/off state and speed level if on. Current BBWA release does not provide control of this blower device, just current state.
  • Changed default polling location modes to ALL when installed the first time. It is recommended that one deselects those modes in which polling is not needed to reduce hub usage. One can use a RM to poll/refresh the spa state less frequently than what is offered in the BWA app preferences for auto polling.
  • Updated BWA Spa Manager code stream to use HE libraries and bundles. As a reminder, your HPM must be at v1.9.2 or higher to install/update BWA successfully.

True to my word.... "That day" (today) and "a rule to run daily". Thank you for your incredible work.

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Looks good and hope this new feature works for your spa. :white_check_mark:

In my Hubitat RM/Webcore pistons, I send a 'refresh' to the spa parent device to make sure the states are current. I wait for a change in spa parent device 'updated at' value. Then I check for a spa state of 'online' as you have above. But if spa state is 'offline', I wait for an event of 'online' and then fire off a BWA command. You could also check the updated spaTime value that is updated to see if it is within the HH:MM range of your local time.

My Balboa Spa WiFi module controller randomly drops off the network and then reconnects, If your piston sends a command request to the spa while it is 'offline', the BWA app will not able to control the spa!

Maybe your Spa WiFi module stays connected better than mine.

I actually have 4 rules, one of them is a status check. If the Status == offline, and stays offline for an hour, Refresh it. The other two rules are vacation mode changes and also check if the status is online. Essentially if the unit is offline, none of the rules would be able to trigger, and no commands will be sent. Well, all but the Goes Offline rule won't trigger.


I have had trouble with my spa going offline before, but I would only notice it within the app. Turned out to be a weak wifi signal. I added an access point in my family room, which is within 20 feet or so of the spa, and the signal/connection has been great. I'll keep an eye on the app and add a notification if the "Goes Offline" rule triggers to confirm.

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Looks great!

I also placed a mesh Netgear Orbi WiFi satellite router within 15' of the Spa WiFi module. I still get random infrequent 'offline' notifications from BWA when it polls every 10 mins. These BWA 'offline' states are less frequently than before adding the extra Netgear Orbi mesh satellite.

Very irritating to spend $$$ on the new satellite router and the cost of the spa WiFi module and not have 99.9% connectivity, but I'am guessing that the spa pumps have a mean RF interference which results in the module disconnecting from the WiFi router.

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@KurtSanders you’re the best. Thanks for the latest update… especially the time sync! Have an epic day.

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Run Ethernet cable to the inside shelllnof the spa and place a satellite inside the spa.

I'm assuming that was somewhat tongue-in-cheek :point_up: at least part about running Ethernet all the way to shell enclosure. But along those lines ...
I'm not a fan of wifi repeaters at all since you're just halfling the signal and adding another hop / point of failure. If you do have the option to use as an access point - i.e. with ethernet, this would be a good idea. The 15 ft shouldn't matter at all as long as you don't have any other major obstructions or points of interference. I can't imagine the interference from the pumps is that severe unless you have the BWA sitting on top of one (or unless maybe you have a capacitor going bad?)

Another thing to consider is make sure you are using a separate SSID for your 2.4 Ghz band and not letting Netgear do auto. Stick with a 20 Mhz channel (and use standard 1, 6, or 11) since the BWA is only 54Mbps anyway.

I'm using an Asus RT-AX86U (as an AP Only) and it is 60+ ft (through several walls on the opposite end of the house from the spa) and on dedicated SSID for 2.4 Ghz / 20 MHz only I have a spotless connection.

I have a 2700 gallon swim spa that I ran a 100ft cat6 cable to through conduit up into the shell of the spa. I have a battery backup inside that runs a mesh device connected to my ax86u. I have never had a drop off in connectivity for my spa unless the power was out for an extended amount of time.

I didn't mount the module inside the cabinet. I ran the cable under the deck boards, then mounted the module on the privacy fence about 3 foot high.

If you have questions about BWA Spa Manager, the support thread is located at [Release] HB BWA SpaManager App

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That wasn't a question. I was trying to say that I don't have connection issues, and that it probably is because I mounted my spa module well away from the motors and other interferences. I would advise others try this if site logistics allow you to do so.