Bad luck with motion sensors

A couple of months ago a Iris V3 motion sensor stopped reporting. It had been fine for over a year. I played with it some and finally came to the conclusion it reached the end of its life. I had a 2nd IrisV3 sitting for quite a while in my unused bin. Took it out, new battery, would not pair. I remember the 1st Iris motion was finicky when pairing. Both went into the trash.

I purchased a 3Rd reality motion sensor. It has a very narrow sensing angle. It often fails to report motion although when looking I've always seen the red light blink when moving in its path.

I also purchased a Sonoff. Paired fine but wouldn't detect motion. Back it goes.

And lastly I purchased an Aqara motion sensor. It seems to be the best of the bunch so far. I will be replacing the 3rd reality with the Aqara. It will be in my garage which has been in the mid 80's to low 90's for some time. I know this reeks havoc with the sensitivity to movement so we'll see.

I am most pleased with the Aqara motion sensors, I am using them for motion quick detection at the entrances of all rooms for more than 4 years now. The trick is to have them finally paired via a nearby mains-powered Zigbee device, never directly to the hub. This usually requires several pairing procedures, last pairings to be done at the final destination, very close to the repeater.

For keeping the lights on - mmWave radars.

I like my Philips Hue motion sensors. I have about ten of them, all paired direct to hub since I have no repeaters.

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I have one of these in every room. They report every time. Uses a lithium coin battery that lasts long enough that I can’t remember when I last replaced one.

Tuya also makes this model that is both motion and illuminance.

Both integrate with HE using the ‘Tuya Multi Sensor 4 in 1’ driver from @kkossev

If you search on AliExpress, there are sellers that have these with batteries (most come without a battery)

Another vote for Hue here... Yeah, they are more expensive, but you get what you pay for -- excellent performance, consistency and reliability. I have one out in my detached (unconditioned) garage -- it see seasonal temp swings from up to 100 in the summer down to -20s in the winter -- it's never skipped a beat.

I have used Ring Motion Sensors Gen2. At their maximum sensitivity they have worked well and have very good range and angle of coverage. They also use traditional AA batteries so they show a very good graph for battery drain and are fairly predictable for when they will fail from drained batteries.

The only improvement i can think of i would like from them is a sensor with MMWave.

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Those ugly little Sonoff sensors are junk. not even worth their cheap price. I've had good luck with Ring Gen 2 motion sensors, and Zooz ZSE18's. I also have Hue, not overly impressed with those. They are about the same as the Ring and Zooz, but they have a way overhyped reputation. I also have an Aqara P1 motion sensor paired with matter. It's ok. It (and the Hues) will eventually be replaced by a zooz. I might repurpose it for a less critical area. The hues will eventually show up for sale along with bunch of Sengled and Innr Zigbee bulbs.

I'm Currently testing one of the new Zooz ZSE70 indoor/outdoor sensors. So far it looks promising. These will replace the Hue outdoor sensors.

I agree. Also had issues with the Aqara sensors.

I agree as well, my Sonoff motion sensors stay in the junk drawer. Too unreliable.

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Yeah, I'm not overly thrilled with it. I bought it as an experiment. I am using it with a G2 camera/ hub and @kkossev community driver. its ok, But I doubt I'll get any more. it may end up in my master closet. All together I currently have six of the Ring Gen2 Motion sensors, four Zooz ZSE18's (two 700 variant and two 800LR variant), one each Hue indoor and outdoor Motion sensors and the Aqara. I just don't have that much Zigbee any more. and the hue haven't proven to be any better or mor reliable than the Zooz and ring (at least for me).
I'll replace the hue outdoor with the Zooz ZSE70's and the indoor and Aqara with ZSE18's.

Yea but, PIR sensing is old common technology. I have a modestly costing outside light with a PIR sensor, It's been working great for > 10 years. Point being the issue is not with the sensor but with the implementation. And even the implementation is old technology. My guess is poor execution in the design. I think the hardware is likely very standard so the firmware??

I've been wondering lately if the heat buildup in the garage isn't messing with the sensors out there. I have four sensors out there, and I will frequently find the lights on when nothing and no one is or has been out there. It seems like its happening more frequently as it has been heating up.

I'm sure the sensitivity is reduced. In theory if you were naked and the temperature in the garage was 98.6 °F the PIR would not be able to detect you. In this case a mm wave sensor would be superior. However I see most issues with the implementation not the sensor.

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I was not saying anything wrong with PIR, but just that MMwave with PIR would help with certain limitations of PIR motion sensors. A well designed PIR sensor is great under the correct conditions, but they have limitations. PIR is sensitive to sudden heat differences in it's view, This is why they are fairly questionable if pointed towards windows or are set up outside. There are some good sensors that seem to have some magic that overcome this, but that isn't that common.

My ring sensors have been perfect with where they are placed. Very fast, reliable and accurate. The big thing with them is to set them to 1 for their sensitivity. I think there was some confusion what the values mean, but 1 seems to be the hightest value.


It could depending on what you are trying to capture. That is why MMwave could be helpful since it isn't sensitive to Temp.


I've had success with a variety of zooz motion sensors: I've got ZSE18's, ZSE29's, and ZSE40's and they consistently work well, report status and have decent battery life. I also have some old iris v1/v2/v3 zigbee sensors that are hanging in there and seem to be reliable. I was hopeful for the Bosch zigbee sensors to be less affected by my cats since they are "pet friendly" but honestly they don't seem much better.

Check your firmware version on the Third reality sensor....I've had issues with firmware version 34, A new version , 43 was just released and is available for upgrading now. I updated my 4 sensors a day or two ago and they seem to be working bettter now.....well so far anyway.

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It should be easier with Dan’s addition to his Zigbee Map app of being able to select a specific repeater to pair a device.

I looked on the 3rd reality site and could not find the firmware section. Do I have to create an account or is it elsewhere?

You should be able to update the firmware right from the device page in hubitat. If you are using the generic built in driver.."Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp)"

I am using the "Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp)" driver. "I press updateFirmware". I then get a warning, I click yes. Nothing happens. I am on the internet, not sure what else could inhibit a/the update.