Backyard Lighting Rule Help

We have some string lights in our backyard that I have automated using a combination of rules but it doesn't really work as I would like. How can I do the below in one rule machine rule.

I want the light to always be on from sunset -15 and 10:30p and 5:30a to sunrise +15. I also want the lights to come on for 10 min between 10:30p and 5:30a when motion is detected.

There is no need to do this in one rule machine rule. Trying to do so will cause the rule to be unnecessarily complex. You have three discreet periods of time, why not handle them with three apps.
You can do this with two simple lighting rules and one motion lighting rule.

You simply set up the simple lighting to turn the lights on and off at the time you specified. Then you set up the motion lighting rule to turn them on if motion is detect between the times you specified.

Thanks all you have to do. What do you have set up currently that is not working the way you want?


I take it I would restrict the Motion lighting rule to between 10:30p and 5:30a?

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