Backup reminder

Just added around 50 devices at once and got a reminder saying that it noticed I added a bunch of devices recently and it would be a good time to take a backup with an option to kick it off now. Just wanted to say good job on that one. I wasn't expecting that but was pleasantly surprised.


50 new devices? Lol. Did you move?

Lol, no... I replaced my Raspberry PI with a new one. It was the proxy server for all my alarm stuff to the Envisalink 4. The old PI had a bunch of stuff on it I was no longer using also. While at it, I went ahead and moved all my IoT stuff into their own VLAN. When it reads all the zones from the PI it creates a new device for each zone, and this is what triggered the notification.

I wired each sensor to it's own zone so I could have more granular control through Hubitat to trigger on specific devices rather than whole zones. There are a couple of zones that I don't import for security reasons.

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Sounds like one of those jobs you plan forever and then when you finally get around to doing you think “omg what was I thinking?”

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The only annoying thing is I ripped out the punched-down cable without bothering to look at the wiring and then terminated them in the new cabinet as 568B. Well, all the drops were originally wired 568A so I spent the next two days re-terminating all the drops at the jacks to 568B to match.

For all my effort at least now I have a bunch of 10Gb drops. Surprisingly, all the cat5e cable drops tested good at 10Gb, and no port errors or packet drops. I still need to get one more switch and 3 wifi 6 access points but they're out of stock at the moment.

I also ran a fiber drop from the rack, over to where the fiber comes into the house. Coupled the incoming fiber to that drop. Looking forward to getting rid of the ONT from my bedroom and having a strait fiber run to the modem.

The Unifi gear is pretty good for me. I know how to do all the complicated stuff but when I'm home I don't want to think about that kinda crap. Being able to block countries by just clicking on them is nice too. I blocked pretty much all the other countries. Also setting up custom firewall rules is really simple.


Incredible. I know from your other post that you do this for a living (with one of the oil companies if memory serves) but you are leagues beyond me. I have my 1gb cable internet, a ER-4, and a 1gb backbone. My simple little setup.

It was basically plug and play. Nothing required any advanced knowledge to setup. You could literally plug in the router and switches, plug in your internet feed from your modem into the wan port, plug in your wired connections, go through a 1 minute setup wizard and be done.

Here's a good example:


I just clicked on the country and that comes up to block them.

And here's the intrustion prevention piece. Super simple.

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