Backup page bug?

Checkout my screenshot from the backup page below. It seems the sorting is slightly incorrect. I upgraded to yesterday, but the backup for from earlier timestamp is showing up at the end.

Looks like it’s doing an alpha sort on the text version of the timestamp instead of the numeric version.

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I agree. Each column can be selected to sort. You have not selected the version column, the date column is how it’s sorting, based on your screenshot.

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That's right. Ofcourse not a major issue at all, and just cosmetic, but the team might try to fix this just to continue making the product that much more polished in long term. Again, this is a very trivial bug...just sharing here what I observed today morning in case the team wants to add this to their cosmetic bug backlog.

I might still be misunderstanding, but how is this a bug?

In your screenshot, it appears to be sorting by the column you have selected, date.

Select another column, like platform version, and the list will sort by that column instead.

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The ascending sort on date, should sort the column based on date/time value...not as a text value. A user would expect the column to be chronologically sorted based on what date/time is. User would expect that 12:49 AM comes before 2:16 AM.


Thanks I missed that completely!

Ah I see now. The sort within the date column. I was distracted by the highlighting of the platform version column.