Backup file gets bigger when I RMU rules and apps

Trying to shrink my backup file size which is currently at 44,625 KB. So I pruned out a bunch of old rules and some devices and a few user supplied apps.....and my backup got bigger!....what the heck guys. Shouldn't it get smaller? And is my 44 KB file size abnormally large? I have many rules and devices.

Since 2.2.3 my backups are about 4K. Yours are quite a bit larger, not sure why exactly? I have a fairly decent size install, close to a couple hundred devices total, and countless rules/apps/drivers.

Before 2.2.3, mine were closer to 26K, for reference.

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My C4 is still on I estimate I have 150+ devices, plus a number of virtual devices. I have close to 300 rules, maybe more - LOL. And several simple automations and motion lighting rules. I just can't figure why every time I try to reduce my backup file size it gets larger. Because this is my main hub I am careful about updating it. I have a C7 that runs just for tinkering with. I plan to one day move everything to the C7. Thanks for your comment.

If you are still on 2.2.2 then that isn't that big. Backup size is mostly dictated by device and event history. In 2.2.3 the number of those backed up reduced significantly.

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Thanks - thought I might be getting ready to crash with the file size.

I'm on the verge of updating again - haven't seen any bug reports in the last few days.

Just tried to count most of my devices:
153 actual devices, probably 60% ZW and 40% zigbee
24 connectors
32 tile master devices
50+ misc virtual devices

Thanks again fellows.

I would wait. There is at least 1 more 2.2.4 hotfix release coming.


Thanks for the tip - I'll wait.