Backup/Fail Safe Plan?

I have been running my C4 hub for a little more than 2 years now, and it has been running flawlessly. The only thing with C4 is the decline of free memory over time, which I get around using a scheduled reboot twice a week.

However I have been wondering, what's the lifespan of a hub?

At the moment if my hub dies, there is no easy way to get it back up and running. I would have to order a new hub and wait for it to be delivered, then I would assume loading a backup copy my C4 settings/rules into the new hub and manually re add all my devices (all my devices are zigbee). Just the thought of all these steps gives me chill :frowning:

What's your recommendation for a backup plan/failsafe in the event of a hub fail?

Get a new hub and then you have a backup hub(old hub) if the new one fails.

Actually, you've got it easier than someone with all Z-Wave. With Zigbee, if you restore the backup, you'll only have to re-pair devices, but they'll be recognized as the same device and will slide right back into place in apps and whatnot (one exception: if you're using Groups with Zigbee Group Broadcasting, go in and hit "Done" to re-configure the group ID on the bulb/switch). Z-Wave would create all new nodes/devices you'd have to swap out. :scream:

With a C-5 or newer, you have the option to subscribe to Hub Protection Service, which will take care of Z-Wave. (Zigbee is the same either way, but it's also a bit easier for the above reason--aside from needing to touch all the devices.) With a C-4 or older, manual migration is the best you can do. Keeping a spare hub around wouldn't be a bad idea if the "waiting" part seems like the most difficult. Otherwise, my hope is just that this is a rare event for most people. I have a spare hub I could use (currently use it for testing and development), but I have yet to need it and hope I don't, at least not before I decide to migrate to something newer, if/when that comes, on my own (a process I recently finished with the C-7).

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