Background on Link Tile not working on App but do works on Chrome

I'm setting backgrounds on my Link tiles to make a cool looking phone dashboard, the problem is that the backgrounds don't show on the hubitat Android app nor Fully Kiosk Browser, but on Chrome (windows and android) it works perfectly.

Pictures below:

Where are the images hosted? I know I had some trouble with some browsers when I host things on certain severs

I hosted them on Google photos and also on dropbox, on both I have the same problem.

I don't think they will allow that type of access. Try using this link If it works you need to find links that are publicly hosted. You can search Google images to find icons for starters. I don't know of any places the will allow hosting like that (for free), but I am sure they are out there.

What I found strange is that they work correctly on google chrome on my windows laptop and on my android phone, but outside Chrome they doesn't work. I try publicly posted pics buts after a day or two, the stop working

Different browsers act differently. I even found some work in private and incognito windows when not in regular windows. Either way the problem is the host not the hub, sorry.

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