Axis Gear using Generic Zigbee Shade


I am rather new to Hubitat, I do not think I have had the c7 setup for a full month yet. Yesterday my new Axis Gear's show up, which which is perfect timing, since in the release notes for 2.2.9 shows that the Axis Gear is now supported with the generic Zigbee shade driver.

The issue I am having is using the generic Zigbee shade driver is it shows closed as 100 and open as 0, but if I switch over to using a community provided driver for the Gear, it properly shows closed as 0, and open as 100. Is there something I am doing wrong?

This has to do with how the driver was implemented. You can use either of the drivers - which ever one works best for your needs.

Thanks, with the one I am using now the dashboard does not really seem to show the percentage the blinds are open if I have Alexa adjust them, and she also seems to always tell me they are not responding even though they move when commanded. I still have a 2nd gear to setup, I may try to set it up backwards to see if the built in driver works better.

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